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Bay Ltd., with offices and operations throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast, Latin America, Canada, and other International locations, is a full-service multi-discipline construction, fabrication, and maintenance company.  The company provides its services to industries involved in refining, chemical and petrochemical manufacturing, gas processing and transmission, offshore exploration and production, power generation, and refined products storage and transmission.  The company also provides infrastructure services, such as building roads, highways, bridges, and marine facilities for local, state, and federal agencies as well as private industry.

Bay has over 60 years of experience in heavy industrial contracting completing "grassroots" facilities, new process units, plant revamps and upgrades, refinery expansions, turnarounds, and ongoing routine maintenance services.  Experienced management personnel, supervisors, and craft professionals, capable of completing complex, schedule-sensitive projects, are available within each service group.  A significant inventory of company-owned tools and construction equipment supports the field efforts of Bay's construction, maintenance, and turnaround crews.

Bay’s heavy fabrication services are delivered through ISO 9001:2008 certified shop and yard fabrication facilities and include ASME pressure vessels, towers, and drums; process piping utilizing carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy materials; modular process units and pipe racks; and offshore decks, jackets and complete production topsides fabrication and assembly. The fabrication centers feature deep water dock facilities that enable delivery of finished projects to domestic and international customers.

While delivering extensive knowledge from its long tenured management team and craft professionals, Bay is continuously upgrading project management systems, safety and quality work processes, and overall project administration and reporting capabilities to meet the demands of business partners.   Bay is committed to providing solutions to the most challenging construction projects in the industry and to the project management systems that support a successful execution.