Bay’s Investment Recovery Services Group specializes in the salvage, dismantlement, and marketing of surplus and/or obsolete manufacturing equipment and process facilities. Its organization has served both industrial clients and governmental agencies with the disposal of obsolete and/or surplus equipment and machinery.  Bay also provides partial or complete match mark dismantling of process plants and subsequent re-erection at the client’s facility.

Investment Recovery is becoming an integral part of everyday corporate needs. Bay’s fully trained staff has long term relationships with many qualified outlets in the used equipment and machinery markets.  We are committed to providing the best solution for maximizing the return on surplus assets whether through process equipment resale or appropriate scrap material marketing.

  Services Include:
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Complete Process Unit(s) Dismantling and/or Demolition
  • Emergency Response
  • Explosives Demolition of Microwave Towers
  • Scrap Loading
  • Scrap Management Program
  • Surplus Equipment Sales
  • Tank Demolition
  • Transport and Load out of Scrap
  • Water Tower Demolition

Bay’s clients include oil refineries, chemical processing plants, gas plants, bulk storage facilities, steel mills, paper mills, utilities, railroads and municipalities.

For further information please contact:
Randy Brown
Telephone: 281-648-5847
For job inquiries, please call 361-289-2400