Bay Ltd. has a 30 year history of successful process and pipe-rack module fabrication for both upstream and downstream industries.  In addition to the headquarters facility in Corpus Christi, Bay has four additional facilities located on the Gulf of Mexico, allowing the company to execute projects for domestic, Canadian, and International clients. Bay performs all principal construction disciplines involved in modular fabrication and has extensive experience with both welded and bolted structures. Bay’s on-site pipe fabrication shop and coating facility allow it to effectively support schedule driven projects.  With both covered fabrication/assembly shops and extensive dockside assembly areas, Bay is able to maximize labor resource utilization and assemble modules from a truckable size through 4,000 + ton heavy lift modules.  Bay’s heavy lift dock, located on the 45’ deep Corpus Christi Ship Channel, accommodates intracoastal barges, ocean-going barges and International heavy lift ships and supports loadout via a RO-RO dock, via skidway or loaded onto barges or ships using heavy lift cranes.


For further information please contact:
Randy Feikls
Telephone: 361-693-2212
For job inquiries, please call 361-289-2400