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  Job Type: Craft
  Opens from Friday, 1 August '2014 to Sunday, 31 August '2014
  Essential Job Functions: Operate a gasoline or diesel tractor trailer vehicle. Qualifications: 1. Requires minimum three years tractor trailer experience. 2. Minimum twenty-five years of age. 3. No moving speeding violations within the past three years. 4. Ability to pass in yard driving test 5. Must pass a DOT physical and drug test 6. Requires a current Texas, Class A, CDL drivers’ license. Physical Demands: May require working in extreme hot or cold weather. The job requires sitting while operating the vehicle most of the day. Requires pulling, pushing levers and pedals with hands and feet to operate vehicle. Strength Rating: Medium Please apply in person at Bay Personnel, 401 Corn Products Rd., Corpus Christi, Tx. 78409 or email resumes to