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  Job Type: Craft
  Opens from Monday, 11 August '2014 to Monday, 1 September '2014
  JOB DUTIES: 1. Maintain weld procedures for each Division. 2. Maintain continuity logs for welders within each Division. 3. Maintain weld reject rates for welders and with each Division. 4. Provide expertise in finding solutions to and recommending better methods or processes to remedy reject or productivity issues. JOB REQUIREMENTS: 1. Knowledge and understanding of codes and standards, ie: ASME, AWS, API, DOT, NACE. 2. Computer literate in Excel, Word, Access Power Point, etc. 3. CWI preferred. Please email resumes to or apply in person at Bay Personnel, 401 Corn Products Rd., Corpus Christi, Tx. 78409.