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  Heavy Crane Operator
  Job Type: Craft
  Opens from Tuesday, 4 November '2014 to Friday, 19 December '2014
  ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Operates gasoline or diesel powered crane mounted on specially constructed chassis to lift and move material and objects. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Operate crane in a safe and smooth manner. 2. Maintain and follow the lift plan. 3. Confirm the load and rigging weight. 4. Select the appropriate boom, jib and crane configuration to meet the lift requirements. 5. Determine the net lifting capacity for this configuration. 6. Determine the number of parts of line needed for the lift. 7. Have a thorough understanding of the information contained in the operator’s manual. 8. Understand the cranes limitations. 9. Know, understand the cranes load/capacity charts. 10. Inspect the crane daily and perform daily maintenance as prescribed by the manufacture. 11. Check that the site is adequately prepared for the crane. 12. Insure that all hazards have been identified, e.g. power-lines, underground utilities, obstacles, etc. 13. Assemble, set up, rig and operate the crane properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. 14. Inform site supervision of any hazardous or dangerous conditions observed before or during craning operations. 15. Move the crane around the work site safely. 16. Assess/monitor weather conditions prior to and during hoisting operations. 17. Properly shut down/secure the crane properly when unattended. 18. Cease all craning operations if an unsafe situation or condition is present. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: May involve working in extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Requires sitting most of the work day while operating the crane. Requires pulling, pushing levers and pedals with hands and feet to operate equipment. If you meet the above qualifications, please email resumes to or apply in person at Bay Personnel, 401 Corn Products Rd., Corpus Christi, Tx. 78409.