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  Iron Worker Structural (IWS)
  Job Type: Craft
  Opens from Friday, 5 December '2014 to Friday, 2 January '2015
  Job Opening: Iron Worker Structural (IWS) Location: Corpus Christi Bay Ltd is looking for experienced Iron Workers to work in Corpus Christi at a new construction project with excellent pay, benefits, and a lengthy work schedule. Requires two plus years’ experience in iron work, pass a written in-house craft test, drug screen, and safety orientations. Essential Job Functions: Perform duties to raise, place, and unit girders, columns, and other structural steel members to form completed structures or structure framework. Major Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Sets up hoisting equipment for raising and placing structural steel members. 2. Fastens steel members to cable of hoist, using chain, cable, or rope. 3. Guides structure being lifted into proper position and align rivet holes with corresponding holes driving drift pins a handle of wrench through holes. 4. Verifies vertical and horizontal alignment using plumb bob and level. 5. Bolts aligned structures to keep them into position until permanently riveted, bolted, or welded in place. Physical Demands: Outdoors; may include extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Requires working at various heights from the ground. Require bending, squatting, stooping and heavy lifting. If you meet the above qualifications, please apply in person at Bay Personnel, 401 Corn Products Rd., Corpus Christi or email resumes to