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  Quality Manager
  Job Type: Professional
  Opens from Tuesday, 16 December '2014 to Friday, 30 January '2015
  Position: Quality Manager Location: Amelia, La. Bay Ltd. is looking for an experienced Quality Manager to work in the Amelia, La. Office. The job offers a competitive salary plus company benefits. If you meet the position’s qualifications, please email your resume to JOB DUTIES: • Assist in driving business performance through compliance with the Bay Ltd. Quality Management System. • Lead divisional Quality functions, processes, personnel and resources and perform regular reviews to assist with identifying any gaps • Lead both direct reports and matrix-managed work teams to develop and maintain the Quality Management System • Drive divisional Quality directives by implementing and maintaining world class Quality Management System methodologies within divisional strategies and policies through strategic decision making while managing the costs of quality by maintaining budgets, troubleshooting and problem solving techniques. • Demonstrates openness to learning new skills and exploring new Quality methods, philosophies and techniques. • Develop and manage assigned divisional personnel and matrix resources. • Set personal development plans for all personnel and for departmental roles and responsibilities. • Manage, support and enable subordinates as applicable. • Engage subordinates in annual skill set assessment and development review to plan training and advancement accordingly. • Effectively manage all Quality functions within assigned divisions. • Drive and promote Quality awareness. • Manage the Divisional Quality corporate directives and objectives for assigned area(s). • Drive, implement and maintain a preventative Quality Management System whenever possible. • Support good work practices when possible. • Apply and verify compliance to all contract, client, statutory, regulatory, standards/codes and other requirements. • Investigate, in conjunction with other stakeholders, any breakdown or noncompliance with the Bay Ltd. Quality Management System. • Ensure that the resources and practices of the current Quality Management System are both safe and adequate to enable the required standards to be achieved. • Advise divisional management of the current Quality Management System status and make specific recommendations for change and improvement, working in a spirit of cooperation to implement positive changes. • Direct the development and implementation of the divisional Quality Assurance Plan including the setting of quality objectives within an agreed time frame. • Stop the job, quarantine, reject or recall any noncomplying work, product or service suspected of noncomplying with the Bay Ltd. Quality Management System and/or client specifications or directives. • Supports and helps create strategies for risk identification, mitigation and contingency planning • Responsible for divisional decision making and recommendations in conjunction with the Corporate Quality Manager that may impact any client, job or Bay Ltd. • CAPEX sign-offs in conjunction with the Corporate Quality Manager to ensure Quality improvements as presented. • Communicate effectively to the Divisional Executive Team on a monthly basis regarding the status of Quality objectives and/or earlier in the event of a serious issue. • Drive cost saving initiatives and encourage continuous improvements throughout the Divisions. • Manage the budgeted overhead costs to achieve target CPU or better. • Interact closely with all other Divisions to ensure Corporate and Quality objectives are met. • Work in partnership with Division Management at all levels to set Quality objectives and goals. • Strive to develop a culture for the safety of our personnel, quality of our products and productivity of our processes. • Strive to identify, create and implement consistent quality methods that connect processes, outcomes and metrics to drive accountability and support continuous improvement efforts. • Participate as a Technical Quality Team member to advice on issues, perform specification review, and perform procedural edits and initiations, and other team functions. • Other duties as assigned. JOB REQUIREMENTS: • Requires 10 yrs. experience in QAQC and 3 yrs. in supervisory status. • Preferred NDE Level II and certification as a welding inspector (CWI). • Preferred an Associates or Bachelors’ degree in the field.